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Admire the Mont Blanc massif from your home

Climbing Mont Blanc is one of the most popular attractions in Europe. However, to climb to the top of this mountain range, it is preferable to be in excellent physical condition. Alternatively, you can sit back and use the Cordon webcam to discover the mountain range, which rises to an altitude of over 4,800 metres

Use the Google Street View service

Google Street View is a feature of the Google Maps geolocation application. As the name suggests, “Street View” allows you to see what's going on around the world using satellite images. Google Street View is a very interesting tool to visit places without leaving your home.

To offer you a truly unique experience when discovering a place like Mont Blanc, the Google teams have entrusted cameras to top sportsmen and women so that climbing Mont Blanc from your sofa is a colourful experience.

Use the Cordon webcam at Chalet les Cerises

The Chalet des Cerises is located in the commune of Cordon. The establishment specialises in luxury chalet rentals. The beautiful view of the Mont Blanc massif is one of the reasons why you should stay there.

In order to share the view with more people, the owners of the chalet decided to install a webcam on the roof. The camera was then turned towards Mont Blanc so that all the Internet users who visit the website of the establishment can admire the spectacle in the middle of the day as well as at dusk.

Climb Mont Blanc by the royal road

Instead of renting a chalet, the town of Saint-Gervais, in collaboration with the photographer Bernard Tartinville, has decided to launch a platform for climbing Mont Blanc. This website offers a rather pleasant virtual visit.

Each of the photos that have been used for this project has a standard resolution of 400 million pixels. Otherwise, you would not be able to see all the details in the pictures.

Aiguille du Midi, Alpes françaises, couché de soleil
From the summit of the Aiguille du Midi, you can admire the highest Alpine peaks in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Use Google Art & Culture

Google Art & Culture is one of the many services that the GOOGLE company has put online. The platform aims to help you visit museums as well as many tourist places around the world. In 2020, Google Art & Culture created a section exclusively dedicated to the wonders of France, allowing you to enjoy a guided tour without leaving your home.

By clicking on the “Douce France” section, you can start a virtual tour of museums, gardens or tourist sites such as Mont Blanc. From the cable car ride up to the top of Europe, you will admire a landscape that is simply magnificent.

The climb to the top of Mont Blanc is an experience you should not miss. Those who have done it have unforgettable memories!

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