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“Can you hear me Major Tomme?”… “In tartiflette we trust”

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Samy, made us the friendship to paint a fresco on the theme of the Savoyard art of living, and more particularly the cheeses produced around Cordon.

Located on the Aravis mountainside, the chalet is at the centre of the production of AOP cheeses from the Savoies. This was all it took to find the subject of the kitchen décor.

This funny and unique work of art was entirely handmade for the Chalet les Cerises. You won't find it in any other holiday rental in Haute-Savoie... or anywhere else in the Alps.

After sketching the illustration on an iPad, it was transferred to the wall in white pencil using a grid. Then, with great talent and patience, Samy redrew everything freehand.

Clearly, we're big fans of his typographic universe, and especially of the result in the kitchen of the Chalet les Cerises.

To discover the other graphic styles of Samy Halim and his Waaw Studio, go to:https://www.behance.net/samyhalim or : https://www.pinterest.fr/waawstudio/waaw-studio-illustrations/?autologin=true or : https://waawstudio.myportfolio.com/illustrations-typographiques

Attention talent! It's velvet for the retina.

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