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Rent a flat in Megeve, or a chalet with a private Jacuzzi?

Megève’s excellent reputation attracts tourists from all over the world to combine art of living and luxury in the mountains. It is becoming increasingly difficult to rent a holiday flat here.

We have noticed, when we welcome our guests, that many of them have stayed in Megeve for several years or even decades. With their natural high standards of comfort, it was often difficult for them to rent a flat large enough for their family to stay in.

A few minutes away from Megève, a charming mountain village has remained very unspoilt. Brigitte Bardot fell in love with Cordon, rightly called “the balcony of Mont Blanc”. (You will find an article on this subject.) Backed by the Aravis Massif, the village offers 80 kilometres of marked trails, immediately accessible at the foot of the chalet.

Epicureans that we are! We wanted to create a haven of luxury and well-being at chalet les Cerises As in Megève, the careful decoration, the attention to detail and the materials were our priority. And as the view is really incredible, we built a huge larch terrace around the chalet to enjoy the sauna and private jacuzzi in summer and winter. Of course, you can find these same services in Megève, but at stratospheric budgets.

Without being unaffordable, you can combine authenticity and luxury in the mountains. Renting a luxury chalet in Cordon rather than renting a flat in Megeve seems to be an elegant solution. At least that's what we think, and it seems we're not the only ones. We are encouraged by the comments left by our guests, and we thank everyone who has stayed at Chalet Les Cerises.

So, the choice is yours, what would you prefer for your summer holiday? The luxury of a private chalet, or a flat in town?

Megeve chalet luxe haute-savoie Alpes du Nord Allard Montagne
Many beautiful shops in the streets of Megève. Decoration, fashion, skiwear... You will certainly find what you are looking for just a few minutes from Cordon.

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