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Dare to skydive from a helicopter

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

There is nothing like the sumptuous landscapes of the Haute-Savoie to launch yourself into the void at an altitude of 5000 metres, a must for thrill-seekers.

During his last stay at the Chalet les Cerises, our son tried a tandem jump over Mont Blanc. We share this unique experience for those who are not afraid of heights, and who would like to take advantage of their stay in Cordon to try this extreme experience.

The essential briefing

It all starts with a ground training in a few minutes, you will learn how to get out of the helicopter, how to position yourself for the freefall, how to manage your canopy and how to land safely. This theoretical briefing will inform you of the safety instructions. Rest assured, there has never been an accident during a tandem jump, it is much more dangerous to take your car than to jump from a parachute. The only risk you will take is that you will be "addicted" to the adrenaline and want to jump again.

A 15-minute helicopter flight to the heart of Europe's highest peaks

Once equipped, you can take a seat in the helicopter and fly up to the jump altitude. You will have the impression of brushing against the Aiguille du Midi, the Drus and all the peaks of Chamonix. Take the time to enjoy this grandiose spectacle before the big jump.

At nearly 300 km/h, you will see the entire Alps chain pass by

Stabilised in front of Mont Blanc at an altitude of almost 5000 metres, your eyes will take in the highest Swiss, Italian and French peaks of the Alps. The tension is at its peak as soon as the door opens and the wind rushes into the cabin. From then on, you have to stand up and take your place on the skates. All you have to do is put aside your apprehension and let yourself be guided by the instructor who accompanies you... And off you go for 3500 metres of free-fall in a grandiose panorama!

You will be so impressed that you might forget to enjoy a 360° view of Lake Geneva, Geneva, Annecy, the Aravis mountain range and above all the Mont-Blanc. Don't worry, once the canopy is open, you will still have a few minutes to enjoy one of the most beautiful jumping areas in the world. You can, if you wish, learn how to pilot the canopy before landing gently.

How was the jump?

“My brain received too much new information at once”. These are the first words spoken after the landing. It will take a little time to recover from the dizzying adrenaline rush. Then, a big smile and a huge happiness when the instructor wished him “Welcome among the paratroopers”.

What you should know before jumping...

  • Minors with parental permission can jump from the age of 12,

  • The maximum weight is 90 kg,

  • The maximum height is 2 meters,

  • Medical certificate required for people over 60 years old,

  • Not allowed for pregnant women,

  • Must be in good health (no high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, asthma or epilepsy),

  • Possibility to jump all year round.

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