• Laurent Nodenot

The hunt for the Dahu is on in Cordon!

We would love to welcome you to our beautiful village in Haute-Savoie. But since you can't come at the moment, we will come to you.

In order to contribute to your family entertainment, what better way than to offer you “Le Dahu de Cordon”, a board game to print and assemble yourself!

Just download this free PDF file and play it with your family.

A rope version of the famous game of the goose, you go in search of the mysterious Dahu by following a path full of pitfalls, but also of good surprises, through all the symbols of Cordon and the imaginary world of the mountains, which are the ingredients of your successful holidays in our village! Be careful, it is not easy to approach...

Personally, we love this board game. It's a great game with funny illustrations and bright colours. It will be manufactured in its final version and offered for sale in a few months. It was made, with talent, by the Contrefish workshop. Le Dahu de Cordon is the property of Cordon Tourisme, which has been kind enough to offer you a preview.

... So, thanks to whom?

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