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The other new Cordon webcam

It will never be as beautiful as in “real life”, from the terrace of the Chalet les Cerises... The Mont-Blanc massif is so much closer in reality.

The webcam is great ! Except that the wide-angle lens changes the perspective and makes the mountains look farther away. It’s a bit disappointing when they are so close. You have to imagine that inside the Chalet les Cerises, Mont Blanc is so imposing that you have to look down to see it in its entirety through the bay window.

Finally, the best thing to do is to come and see it for yourself... by booking a week's holiday at the chalet les Cerises ;)

Come on! Just for the pleasure of the eyes, it's a gift! An accelerated video of yesterday. It really makes you want to be in Cordon to enjoy both the sun and the freshly fallen snow.

For all the Cordon lovers, this is the only webcam in the village that broadcasts a live feed. Just log on to watch the sunrise or sunset over the mountains in real time. Mother Nature's sublime show changes daily, so log on regularly. You will surely have the chance to see a sea of clouds over Sallanches, a sky of fire at dawn, and above all the special light of the last rays of the sun turning the Mont-Blanc into pink. Beware, it's terribly addictive, you too are likely to succumb to the charm of this picturesque hamlet in Haute-Savoie.

Not a moment to lose. To connect to the webcam of the Chalet les Cerises, it's here: https://www.chaletlescerises.fr/webcam

This year the heaviest rainfall was in March, and the snow is excellent at the moment. Great weeks of skiing are in store for the lucky ones who are on holiday.

Much better than a weather report; you can see the weather on the Mont Blanc balcony with our webcam. Located at a higher altitude, the ski area has a much higher snowfall. Here is the webcam of the tourist office located at the arrival of the chairlift.

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