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Your private wellness centre in Haute-Savoie

This exceptional place in the heart of the chalet will allow you to recharge your batteries during your holidays. We offer you all kinds of massages and treatments to pamper you without having to go anywhere.


Agnès is both a sound therapist and a reflexologist and will accompany you with kindness and professionalism. The practitioners we have selected will be able to come on site to provide their treatments in the best possible conditions.


A real remedy for everyday stress, this interlude of serenity during your stay will provide you with lasting benefits. Pure art of living, take the time to breathe and enjoy the reconnection with your inner well-being.

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A sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs

Passionate about well-being, traditional medicines and mindfulness, Agnès has been following different trainings for many years.

It is quite natural that she became a follower of the Tibetan bowls and their beneficial vibrations. The richness and depth of the sounds they emit calm the mind and encourage a modified state of consciousness, close to meditation. From a scientific point of view, studies are looking into their capacity to better manage pain and more particularly post-operative recovery. In France, sound therapy is beginning to be used in specialised clinics to help overcome disorders and addictions.

After learning the techniques from Alain Griet and other practitioners, Agnès developed her own feelings. Today she is able to offer individual sound massages and group relaxation to accompany you with the sounds of these comforting vibrations.


This instrument, 5000 years old, will bring you much more than a simple decorative object.

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After a day on the slopes, relieve your feet bruised by ski boots

Passionate about well-being, traditional medicines and mindfulness, Agnès has been following various training courses for many years. By having a massage in the chalet in our dedicated treatment room, you will stimulate your circulation and regain flexibility and lightness. Agnès is a certified reflexologist and is affiliated to the French Federation of Reflexology (FFR)s.

Perceived as a method of relaxation and soothing, plantar reflexology is also a natural therapy. It is based on the existing correspondences between certain zones of the body and specific zones located on the feet or hands. The reflexologist stimulates these reflex zones to relieve them.


These pressures will have an effect on the body's natural ability to regain its balance (homeostasis). Reflexology is a complementary therapy that helps the body to regain its balance through stimulation that will act on the whole body (organs, muscles, etc.).

Hammam, sauna, whirlpools… And personalised treatments!

In addition to the premium facilities we have installed in the chalet, we can help you put together a totally bespoke stay. Don't hesitate to contact us about this. We will be happy to help you create the exclusive stay of your dreams in a preserved and authentic setting.

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An open wellness centre

Coach, practitioner or teacher, how about organising a workshop or retreat with your students? This space has been designed in a modular way, you can combine the massage room and the cinema room in a few seconds. Once the partition on a pivot is opened, you can comfortably seat several people in this 325 sqft (30 m2) room. In the heart of a preserved nature and benefiting from an exceptional comfort, the chalet les Cerises is a unique place, allowing to lodge 10 persons.

At the crossroads of France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, the Arve Valley is easily accessible. Geneva international airport is only 50 km away. Chalet Les Cerises is ideally located in the immediate vicinity of Megève. 

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Spa privatif chalet Sauna - Cerises.png

The chalet les Cerises is the only holiday rental offering a private spa, a hammam, a sauna and a massage room in Cordon.

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