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The private sauna: a cosy cocoon in Haute-Savoie


Treat yourself to a moment of escape and well-being. The heat provided by a traditional sauna session allows you to relax and soften your muscles.

A true art of living, each session is a privileged moment of relaxation for the body as well as for the mind.

Perfect for eliminating stress, toxins and relaxing after a day of skiing


The skin starts to sweat intensely, which helps to open the pores and therefore cleanse the body. You will also work your cardio and purify your airways at the same time.

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Recommended steps for a perfect sauna session:

  • Take a hot shower with soap (to come in clean) and then dry off

  • First sauna session - Short session 5 to 10 minutes

  • Cold shower or bath (a few seconds are enough) then dry off

  • Rest for 10 minutes - Rehydrate

  • Second sauna session - Long session 10 to 15 minutes

  • Take a cold shower and dry off

  • Rest for 10 minutes - Rehydration

  • This cycle can be repeated once or twice

After this sauna session, why not try a bubble bath in the chalet's private spa? A real "wellness centre", 8 balneotherapy programmes are integrated into the pool heated to 38°C to promote elimination and relieve you.

Access to the private sauna is included in the chalet rental package. There is no extra charge for access to the sauna and the private spa.

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Spa privatif chalet Sauna - Porte Peigno
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Relaxing, the Finnish sauna also has purifying properties

At the end of a great day's skiing, forget your aches and pains, release your muscular tension and enjoy a moment of relaxation in our private spa. Imagine the scent of red cedar and eucalyptus wafting through the air during your session. Relax and soothe your body in a pleasant dry heat bath. Located outside on the terrace, the Størvatt sauna has a panoramic window to admire the Mont Blanc massif while you pamper yourself.

To enjoy the sauna in the purest Finnish tradition, you can flog yourself with a vihta (sauna whip). This invigorating ritual stimulates the blood circulation and increases your vitality. All that's left to do is roll around in the snow... or take a cool shower to complete the elimination of toxins.

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Birch branches are harvested in early summer when the leaves are tender. They are then put together to make a vihta (or vasta) to activate the blood circulation in the sauna..

All the benefits of a private spa dedicated to relaxation

Think of the spacious terrace of the Chalet les Cerises as a zen resting room facing the mountains. Between two saunas, you can relax on the deckchairs.


After a sports session, you will notice a relaxing sensation on your muscular pains. You will evacuate toxins and impurities, and tone up your blood circulation by sweating.


Note that unlike the oriental spa, the sauna is not a steam bath. You will benefit from a dry heat and not a wet heat. This is the big difference between sauna and hammam which are often confused.

DOWNLOAD >>> The welcome booklet of our private spa

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Chalet les Cerises is the only holiday rental offering both a private spa and a sauna in Cordon

Hot stone massage, modelling or scrubbing?

In the large garden, a real private “wellness area” has been set up in the Chalet les Cerises. You can relax and recharge your batteries in the middle of nature, out of sight. As in any luxury spa, qualified practitioners can provide treatments directly on the terrace or inside the chalet. We offer various massages, modelling, scrubs and wraps (by reservation). They are your best allies in the context of a detox cure in the mountains.

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In Finland, a real traditional sauna session always ends with an icy swim or an angelic jump in the freshly fallen snow.

A private spa to relax all year round in complete tranquillity

Don't forget your swimming costume and towel to enjoy exceptional moments of relaxation in our Savoyard spa. We offer you much more than just a holiday rental in the mountains. We offer you a private spa, just for you. Treat yourself to a relaxing interlude during an unusual getaway in this rental with spa and sauna. This unique place is a haven of peace designed to offer you moments of absolute relaxation in a luxurious and refined atmosphere. 


When you rent the Chalet les Cerises, ask us to book your massages with Mélanie and Céline.

In summer, you can take full advantage of the chalet's large terrace as a private solarium. Between two body care rituals, or blanéo, take your showers outside in the shade of the wisteria arbour. The spacious private terrace, dedicated to relaxation, is oriented to the east and faces the rising sun, revealing a panoramic view of the mountains. This high quality and soothing holiday rental offers you the opportunity to recharge your batteries during your holidays. If you practice an activity such as fitness or yoga, you will have in front of you the most beautiful setting to train.

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Spa privatif chalet Sauna - Cerises.png

A towel and bathrobe are provided for each guest to access the private spa area.

The sauna is not recommended for children under the age of 16 and pregnant women. We invite you to check that you have no medical contraindications before using the sauna area. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the sauna or the private jacuzzi spa. 

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